The Wedding in a cargo container idea?

Heather Mallak and Dror Yaron celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on Friday by having a 40- by 8-foot cargo container delivered to their 41st Street home in Lawrenceville.

Mallak and Yaron are using the green used  shipping container to expand their 122-year-old brick home. City officials say it’s the first project of its kind in Pittsburgh.

“This was more in our price range and our style,” Mallak, 35, said of the shipping container addition, noting the couple used to live in a former bowling pin factory.

Shipping containers have been used for a range of purposes: from trendy homes to homeless shelters and housing for disaster victims. The Three Rivers Arts Festival used discarded containers five years ago to make temporary art galleries along Forbes Avenue.

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman added two shipping containers to the third floor of his former home in 2006. Containers also house Braddock’s Free Store 15104, where surplus and donated goods are distributed to people in need.

“I’ve had a long-standing love affair with cargo containers ,” Fetterman said, describing them as durable and relatively inexpensive.

Mallak and Yaron, who have a son, Zeev, 4, spent about $5,000 on their container. Mallak said they bought a “one-way” container, meaning it sat empty since carrying its lone shipment.

“It doesn’t have as many dings,” Mallak said.

The couple bought the container from Turtle Creek-based Zoresco Equipment Co., which did not return calls.

It will connect to one side of the house, occupying about half of a vacant lot. A 4-foot-wide hallway will run between the container and house. About two-thirds of the container will serve as a dining and living area, while the rest will become a deck. After cutting holes for windows and doors, the couple plan to insulate the container with a soy-based foam and cover interior walls with drywall.

Preparations began in August, with contractors poking two holes in the side of the house for future entryways. They placed concrete piers and steel beams to serve as the container’s base.

The trick was trucking the container into densely populated Lawrenceville and lifting it into place. Mallak obtained a permit to restrict parking on most of the block on Friday morning; the city towed one car that didn’t move.

Despite the noisy work, neighbors seemed supportive.

“Everyone has their own taste, and that’s good. It would be boring if everyone’s houses looked exactly the same,” neighbor Maureen Kumpfmiller, 66, said as she watched the work from her front porch.

Sandy DeTemple, 67, said, “They have a lot of vision. I’d never think of doing something like that.”

She said she asked Mallak and they said of course “yes”!


Brides get your best tanning in columbia Missouri!


tanning salon columbia mo

tanning salon columbia mo

If you are a Bride in a wedding, part of a bridal party or even just a guest attending a wedding please take this advice:

  • BRIDES: DO NOT EVER use a self tanning lotion! You are having a wedding for crying out loud! Spend the extra $30-$50 for your special day and DO have someone professionally tan you! This is not a day you should mess with. You cannot gamble on having streaks, orange color or a sweaty melt down at any cost! You need to take these steps to make sure that you are happy with your color and the way your color stays:
    1. Make an appointment at least 2 months in advance for  tanning columbia mo person. Tell them it’s a trial for your wedding! Make sure to tell them that you do not want to be black, but a perfect bronze or light golden just enough to glow on your special day. (Miami Vice color with a white dress looks awful and cheese ball!!!)
    2. Please refer back to my “10 Steps to Prepare for the Best Tan” post … best advice for preparing for a spray tan, I swear by it!
    3. Make sure to have the 24 hours of sleeping in this tan, then shower and wear white the next day (and no, not your wedding gown). Do some errands … maybe even take a 30 minute casual walk or take a run in your white outfit. (Take a run if you are typically a serious dancer at parties).
    4. MOST IMPORTANT: after 4 – 5 hours in your white outfit, check for sweat or color stains. You need to see where you have “leaked” color. You want to make sure if you have leaked any color that this does not happen to you on your wedding day. If you have leaked any color during the day in your outfit (not while sleeping) you now need to try for day 2 in white attire. If you do not leak on day 2, then this means you should book your spray tan for 2 days prior to your wedding day! ;) Also means you know where you will sweat the most for caution of wedding day melt down.
    5. I promise, you will sweat on your wedding day … so your best bet is 2 days before your wedding you should have had a spray tan. 1 day before you should have showered the excess color off. The night before the wedding or day of you should take another quick rinse shower and you will be the PERFECT color!!!!
tanning salon for wedding

tanning salon for wedding

  1. Just remember … TEST your TANS. And if you don’t like your color after a day or two, try another spray artist out. That’s why this needs to be tested a couple months in advance, and also to make sure you can get the appointment you want for wedding day!
  2. It’s a bonus if you can get your bridal party to have a tanning party … just make sure your girls can come over 2 days prior, the tanner can spray everyone and ALWAYS make sure you get sprayed 1st! 1st spray is best spray … cleanest hose at this time! ;) Don’t feel obligated to pay for everyone … not only will a spray tanning person give you a deal for booking a party, but most brides maids are happy to pay their way if they want to be included.
  • BRIDAL PARTIES: You obviously can follow the exact steps for the bride (especially if you are wearing white, ivory or very light colored brides maids dresses). But if not, you still want a spray tan … do not do the bride an injustice by being streaky, uneven or orange and ruining her wedding pictures. It’s mean.
    1. Please refer back to my “10 Steps to Prepare for the Best Tan” post so you can take all the necessary steps before getting your tan!
    2. Ask the spray tanning person if you can get a deal if you book an appointment for the bridal party! Who doesn’t like a deal?

  • GUEST AT A WEDDING: Get over yourself! You are just a guest! ;) But, if you want to look hot, which I know you do … spray tan is always better, but self tanning lotion will be just fine for you here. Just make sure to apply the lotion 1 – 2 days before the wedding so you don’t either A.) stink up the ceremony or B.) start melting away color all over the bride as you hug her or the guy you are kissing on the dance floor as you are a sweaty mess from all the drinking and dancing you have been doing!!